«Among the aims of comparative law, we as academics would put first the pursuit of knowledge as an end in itself: comparative law responds to that characteristic of the human species which is curios about the world and wants to understand it.”

Mary Ann Glendon – Paolo G. Carozza – Colin B. Picker, Comparative Legal traditions in a Nutshell 

General Summary


The CORE Latam Project is a regional academic project with the objective to identify and analyze the features and trends of constitutional reasoning in Latin America. Through studying the jurisprudence of constitutional courts and supreme courts from 16 different jurisdictions in the region, we aim to define the fundamental characteristics of the constitutional reason-giving practice of high courts in Latin America. Through the analysis of the constitutional reasoning the project aspires for identifying the relations between the divergent peculiarities of the different countries and determine the special traits of Latin American constitutional reasoning, as well as for discerning its links to global tendencies.

The research covers fifteen jurisdictions from the region, including the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and unites around thirty academics from Latin America and beyond.

Contact Information


Principal Investigator: Johanna Fröhlich

Research assistant: Adriana Rodas Merino