Relevance of the Project

The CORE Project aims at joining the global academic discourse on constitutional reasoning and making the Latin American experience visible on the global scene. The CORE Project is about providing scientifically sound explanations for the fundamental characteristics of the constitutional reasoning practice in this region and linking it to the worldwide trends that have been identified by previous academic works. The project aspires to show how Latin American constitutional courts and supreme courts participate or refrain from the global judicial and academic dialogue, and where their discourse bends from or reinforce these worldwide tendencies. Specific emphasis will be laid on identifying and explaining the commonalities of the unique Latin American style of constitutional reasoning.

On a regional level, the Project takes on to pay a distinguished attention to analyze and characterize the constitutional reasoning culture of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and to identify the points of connection in its practice with the global transnational judicial dialogue.

The CORE Project concerns the local constitutional culture as well and would like to distinguish the most important key concepts, values and principles of each court’s constitutional reasoning practice. The Project could not only enhance and support the national discourse on constitutional matters, but through its empirical results, it could also offer relevant insights about how the ongoing international and regional dialogue has influenced the jurisprudence of the local constitutional courts and high courts.